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The Japanese government has decided to give five local NGOs funding for development projects in Pakistan up to USD 300,800, or around Rs. 84 million, in total.

In the areas impacted by the floods in Pakistan in 2022, three of the five projects involve flood restoration.

On March 5, 2024, at the Japanese Embassy in Islamabad, representatives of the five NGOs and WADA Mitsuhiro, the Ambassador of Japan to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, signed the grant contracts.

(1) Association for Behavior & Knowledge Transformation (ABKT), (2) Fortified Services for Reforms & Transformation (FSRT), (3) Actions For Human Advancement (AHAT), (4) Lok Sudhar Association, and (5) Safe Hands Foundation are the five non-governmental organizations that will carry out the initiatives.

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A grant of USD 63,518 (about Rs. 17.7 million) will be given to ABKT to rebuild three suspension bridges that were damaged by flooding in District Upper Dir, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. This initiative will improve the safety of local residents and schoolchildren during natural calamities like floods. Additionally, it will give locals and schoolchildren a safe route to get to their local schools.

A grant of USD 60,506 (about Rs. 16.8 million) will be given to FSRT to rebuild the school building that was damaged by flooding for females enrolled in elementary school in Malakand Division, District Swat, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. This project will raise the general literacy rate of Swat, one of the lowest literacy rates in Pakistan, by giving schoolchildren a safe environment in which to learn.

A grant of USD 57,684 (about Rs. 16 million) would be given to AHAT to rebuild the primary and middle schools in Tehsil Jampur, District Rajanpur, Punjab, that were damaged by flooding. During Pakistan’s 2022 floods, this initiative will improve the learning environment for kids in one of the places most affected by flooding.

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A donation of USD 51,407, or approximately Rs. 14.3 million, will be given to Lok Sudhar Association in order to enhance their eye care facility in Havelian, District Abbottabad, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, by establishing an ophthalmology operating theater. This institution will offer patients easily accessible and reasonably priced eye care. Specifically, individuals will be able to have cataract surgery for the first time in this area. The health sector in the area will improve as a result of this effort.

A grant of USD 67,685 (about Rs. 19 million) will be given to Safe Hands Foundation to build a primary school in the village of Khaisata Gul Kalay, District Khyber, KP, with the goal of promoting child education. The project will create a school building with a solar system that can house roughly 200 primary school students, including those who are now learning outside, in one of the most needy and deserving communities.

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His Excellency, WADA Mitsuhiro, stated during the signing ceremony that he anticipated these development projects, in collaboration with local communities, would positively influence raising the grassroots living standards of Pakistanis.

Through grant assistance, the Japanese government will continue to support local NGOs in a flexible and timely manner in order to enhance the social well-being of Pakistani citizens at the local level.

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