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According to Federal Minister for Communications Abdul Aleem Khan, the government is offering a toll tax discount to drivers who utilize the M-Tag electronic payment system to ease traffic congestion at toll plazas. This initiative aims to incentivize drivers and streamline traffic flow.

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During a Senate committee meeting, Khan acknowledged challenges in toll collection. He highlighted the uneven distribution of toll plazas, with Balochistan lacking entirely and Gilgit-Baltistan having only one for its extensive road network. However, he also revealed plans to significantly increase toll tax revenue, exceeding Rs. 100 billion annually.

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The committee discovered that Pakistan has 38 million vehicles, with motorcycles comprising the majority (70%). Large vehicles account for 2.7 million, with a major portion (70%) being older models. These statistics likely influence the government’s strategy to enhance traffic management and potentially generate additional revenue for road maintenance and upgrades.

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