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Mahmood Pledges Uniform Development of all Districts

In Abbottabad, Chief Minister Mahmood Khan stated that elected officials in the past overlooked the Hazara division, however the current provincial government has developed a common development policy for all districts.

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During his one-day stay in Abbottabad, he inaugurated a number of projects worth billions of rupees.

In the current fiscal year, Rs 2 billion was allocated for new development projects in Abbottabad, including a Rs 500 million special development package for various union councils, the establishment of a degree college in Boi, a gravity water supply scheme in Havelian, and the establishment of an IT Park in Abbottabad, according to the chief minister.

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Earlier, while speaking at the inauguration of the newly elected cabinet of the Abbottabad Press Club, the chief minister stated that journalists played a crucial role in guiding the government.

He also donated Rs 2,000,000 to the Abbottabad Union of Journalists as a donation.

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