green trees and many houses with written title of Illegal Housing Socities sealed in islamabd

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Due to infractions of building bylaws, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) acted decisively and sealed 26 buildings located in two private housing societies in Islamabad.

After finding serious violations of building codes, the CDA’s Building Control Section coordinated the sealing of 17 structures in Soan Garden and 9 in Ghori Town.

According to a CDA official, letters requiring the removal of any illegal structures within their properties have also been sent to the owners of the sealed buildings.

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This operation is part of a larger effort that the CDA launched to combat illicit development, encroachment, and housing schemes.

It’s important to note that numerous private housing societies have converted land designated for parks, cemeteries, and other necessities into residential and commercial parcels, infringing against the territory designated for these uses.

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