Nationwide Strike Announced by Pakistan Petroleum Dealers Association

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The Pakistan Petroleum Dealers Association has announced a fuel dealers protest nationwide. A strike will start from July 5. It will result in the closure of petrol pumps across the country.

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The association is on strike because it wants the government to immediately remove the 0.5 percent advance turnover tax that it has decided to impose. 

At a news conference, Abdul Sami Khan, Chairman of the Pakistan Petroleum Dealers Association, brought attention to the problem. He clarified that the petrol pump industry would be negatively impacted by the new advance turnover tax that was included in the budget. 

According to Khan, petrol pumps currently operate on low-profit margins. The additional tax burden would make it practically difficult for them to continue operating in the face of severe inflation. 

Khan pointed out that the new tax would be damaging. Fuel dealers are already facing challenges due to the current state of the economy. If the tax is not removed, he said, they have only the option to close their operations, and the fuel dealers will protest nationwide. Khan claimed that they had conveyed their issues to the finance minister. But their issues are not addressed properly.

According to the Pakistan Petroleum Dealers Association, which represents 14,000 fuel dealers, the government has been given four days to abolish the advance income tax. If their demand is not fulfilled, they have threatened to take harsh measures, and fuel dealers will protest and go on strike on July 5. 

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