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New City Paradise Latest Development Updates June 2023

Introduction to New City Paradise

We are delighted to introduce New City Paradise, a remarkable housing society renowned New City Wah developers created. This precisely planned and Phata-approved society, which spans a sizable area of 4,256 kanals, is ready to change the standards of contemporary life in the area.

New City Paradise has unparalleled connectivity and accessibility because of its prime location on the 330-foot GT Road near the famed CPEC route, the Burhan Interchange, and the M-1 Motorway. It is the perfect place to go if you’re looking for a quiet, connected neighborhood to call home.

New City Paradise Owners and Developers

The most recent addition to the New City Wah project, New City Paradise, is a striking example of the foresight and skill of its renowned owners and developers. This project, spearheaded by the dynamic team of Chaudhry Qamar Zaman and Chaudhry Saad Zaman, exemplifies their constant dedication to excellence and vast real estate business experience.

Chaudhry Qamar Zaman and Chaudhry Saad Zaman are recognized as industry leaders thanks to their years of combined experience. They have a fantastic reputation in the sector thanks to their commitment and passion for providing unique living spaces. They have demonstrated their talent by having previously had great success with New City Wah, which includes the well-regarded New City Wah Phase 1 and New City Wah Phase 2.

The third phase of this outstanding housing complex, New City Paradise, further demonstrates the owners’ and developers’ dedication to ongoing innovation and improvement. It reflects their unrelenting quest for excellence and their goal of offering inhabitants an unmatched lifestyle.

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The developers have expertly designed New City Paradise to ensure that the most significant standards of comfort and quality have been attained. The society is proud of its unique infrastructure, which skillfully combines practicality and aesthetic appeal. To foster an environment that fosters an opulent living experience, every part of the development has been carefully addressed, from the design of the amenities to the arrangement of the 

New City Paradise NOC

The premium housing development, New City Paradise, has reached a critical turning point on its path to becoming a legitimate and dependable neighborhood. The project successfully obtained the prestigious Punjab Housing and Town Planning Agency’s (PHATA) No Objection Certificate (NOC), demonstrating its dedication to compliance and openness.

The NOC is a crucial document that demonstrates the commitment and meticulous work of New City Paradise’s administrators and owners. It means that the project has complied with all criteria and rules established by the relevant authorities. All parties, including potential residents and investors, value this accomplishment greatly since it inspires confidence and faith in the community and its developers.

New City Paradise Location

Unquestionably, one of New City Paradise’s most notable characteristics is its location, which was chosen carefully to offer residents convenience, accessibility, and a wide range of activities. The Wah City neighborhood of Punjab in Pakistan’s Rawalpindi District is home to this residential development, which enjoys a prime location close to numerous important thoroughfares and necessary utilities.

First and foremost, New City Paradise’s strategic advantage is highlighted by its closeness to the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) Route. Being close to this route guarantees that inhabitants of New City Paradise are well-connected to important trade and investment opportunities as CPEC continues to stimulate economic growth and development in the area.

The proximity of the M-1 Motorway and the Burhan Interchange further improves accessibility. Residents can travel quickly and explore a variety of locations because of these critical transportation arteries’ convenient links to other cities, towns, and areas.

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The 330-foot GT Road, a long-established road that has been a lifeline for transportation in the area, is where New City Paradise benefits from being situated. Thanks to this strategic location, residents can easily reach the development, making commuting to and from their houses easy.

The broad main boulevard of New City Paradise, which measures an astonishing 250 feet in width, is the focal point of the location design. This broad avenue improves the project’s looks and offers a roomy, straightforward approach, ensuring easy access and egress for residents and guests.

Due to the abundance of business districts and educational institutions nearby, the neighborhood is well-positioned for growth and prosperity. New City Paradise is an excellent option for people and families looking for a well-rounded lifestyle because of its convenient location, which offers job, business, and educational opportunities.

New City Paradise Accessibility Points

Unquestionably, one of New City Paradise’s most notable characteristics is its location, which was chosen carefully to offer residents convenience, accessibility, and a wide range of activities. The Wah City neighborhood of Punjab in Pakistan’s Rawalpindi District is home to this residential development, which enjoys a prime location close to numerous important thoroughfares and necessary utilities.

Some of the accessibility points from New City Paradise are as follows:

  • New City Paradise is approximately a 3 min drive from Burhan Interchange.
  • New City Paradise is approximately a 5 min drive from M-1 Motorway.
  • New City Paradise is approximately a 10 min drive from Hazara Motorway.
  • New City Paradise is approximately a 15 min drive from Kamra.
  • New City Paradise is approximately a 19 min drive from New City Wah.
  • New City Paradise is approximately 24 minutes from Brahma Jhang Bahtar Interchange.
  • New City Paradise is approximately a 25 min drive from New City Arcade.
  • New City Paradise is approximately a 35 min drive from Islamabad-Rawalpindi Interchange.
  • New City Paradise is approximately a 49 min drive from New Islamabad International Airport.

New City Paradise Nearby Landmarks and Places

New City Paradise enjoys a prime location that provides residents easy access to nearby locations and renowned landmarks. The following list highlights some of the notable places in the vicinity of New City Paradise:

New City Wah

It is a thriving town nearby that offers a variety of attractions and services. This bustling metropolitan center gives residents easy access to retail establishments, medical centers, educational institutions, and recreational spaces.

Kamra City

Another important adjacent area is Kamra City, renowned for its strategic value and defense-related companies. The citizens of New City Paradise now have access to possible career and business options.

Attock City

Residents in Attock City have easy access to various resources, including shopping malls, schools, and healthcare services, because they are nearby. It’s cultural legacy and historical significance enhance the area’s appeal.

Kamra Air Base

Kamra Air Base is a significant air base in the area and is crucial for defense and aviation operations. It can be helpful for those in the aviation sector or similar professions, given how close it is to New City Paradise.

Wah Cantt

A planned community known for its businesses and educational facilities is Wah Cantt. Because of its location, residents of New City Paradise have easy access to job possibilities, educational options, and recreational facilities.


Taxila, a neighboring city with tremendous historical significance, is well-known for its ancient sites. History buffs can explore the old remains and archaeological treasures in this UNESCO World Heritage Site, enhancing their cultural encounters.

M-1 Motorway

New City Paradise has easy access to the M-1 Motorway, a busy thoroughfare. As a result, residents have easier access to travel to different cities and regions and a more considerable choice of options.

Burhan Interchange

The nearby Burhan Interchange serves as a crucial transportation intersection. Residents can access nearby towns and cities and travel quickly thanks to its proximity to major road networks.

Wah Model Town

Wah Model Town is a masterfully designed neighborhood next to New City Paradise. It provides a calm, secure atmosphere with contemporary conveniences, making it a desirable site for residents looking for a top-notch living environment.

New City Paradise Master Plan

The New City Paradise master plan is a beautiful example of the careful planning and deliberate design a group of qualified experts put into place. This team, which consists of urban planners, architects, engineers, and specialists in other related sectors, has produced a detailed blueprint for the development. New City Paradise, which covers an expansive area of almost 20,000 Kanal (roughly 2,500 acres), intends to provide a seamless fusion of necessary and extravagant facilities inside its grounds.

The master plan includes a carefully thought-out layout that guarantees ideal land use and effective space allocation. Having received initial approval for 4,256 Kanal, the development is well on its way to developing into a flourishing neighborhood.

The allotment of a significant land area underscores the dedication to giving locals enough space to live, work, and play. 

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This vast area enables the integration of different residential lots, business districts, green areas, recreational facilities, educational facilities, and other amenities necessary for a well-rounded lifestyle.

The master plan team has prioritized the supply of necessary amenities within New City Paradise. This includes having access to potable water, a dependable electrical supply, cutting-edge sewage systems, and a solid infrastructure for waste disposal. These essential services are created to guarantee the community’s ease, comfort, and sustainability.

New City Paradise Residential & Commercial Plot Sizes

New City Paradise will have residential plots of various sizes. The plot sizes are:

  • 3.5 Marla
  • 05 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

New City Paradise will have commercial plots of various sizes. The plot sizes are:

  • 3 Marla
  • 04 Marla
  • 16 Marla
  • 8 Marla

New City Paradise Payment Plan

For the most up-to-date New City Paradise Allotment Announcement information, we advise that you keep connected with us at all times. The administration of New City Paradise occasionally issues allotment certificates or letters for residential and commercial plots.

New City Paradise Future Developments

The administration of New City Paradise is steadfastly working to hasten the advancement of civilization. Land leveling has required a lot of work, and mechanical activities are still underway, running nonstop day and night.

New City Paradise Latest News

Exciting news has come out of New City Paradise as the residential community unveiled its most recent payment schedule intended to give members a tempting selection of Return on Investment (ROI) options that promise significant earnings. By offering present and potential residents lucrative prospects for financial growth, this innovative payment plan is poised to transform the investing environment inside the neighborhood.

Residents can access various investment options to fit their unique requirements and objectives under the cutting-edge payment plan. The plan provides multiple investment options so that participants can select the one that best suits their financial goals and returns on investment. To accommodate different investing preferences, New City Paradise has worked hard to offer a wide choice, whether for short-term gains or long-term stability.

New City Paradise Allotment Certificate

Don’t hesitate to contact us to stay informed on the most recent New City Paradise allotment announcements. For residential and commercial plots, the management of New City Paradise periodically issues Allotment certificates and letters, ensuring prompt and transparent allocation of property rights within the neighborhood.

The administration of New City Paradise diligently oversees the Allotment process with a dedication to justice and effectiveness, ensuring residents and investors obtain their legitimate ownership certificates. People can stay updated about the Allotment announcements and quickly acquire their desired plots or homes inside the development by staying in touch and actively participating with the management.

Possession Allotment for New City Paradise

The possession of plots in New City Paradise is updated and shared with their customers. The management of the society is updating all the updates about New City Paradise.

New City Paradise Transfer Procedure

The steps for the anticipated transfer operation are as follows:

  • A transfer request, original membership letter, and No Demand Certificate (NDC) must be submitted.
  • CNIC replicas
  • Family members
  • passport-sized pictures
  • Purchaser’s Membership/Associate Form
  • Statement of the buyer and seller
  • Purchaser’s General Power of Attorney (GPA) commitment

New City Paradise Balloting

There will be several stages to the New City Paradise voting procedure. Throughout the process, we recognize that you could have questions or need help, and we want to reassure you that the New City Paradise contact number is always available at your convenience. Please feel free to contact us whenever you have questions. You can also opt to reach out to us through one of the other accessible ways. During this exciting New City Paradise project stage, we are here to give you the information and help you need.

New City Paradise Balloting Results

The result of the balloting of New City Paradise could be acquired from the official website, or you may also contact Al Sadat Marketing for additional help.

New City Paradise Application Form

Visit Al Sadat Marketing Office with the following documentation to reserve your property in New City Paradise:

  • 2 passport-sized photographs
  • 2 copies of your CNIC (Certificate of National Identification)
  • 2 copies of the I.D Card of the next of your kin
  • NICOP for international clientel

New City Paradise Membership Form

We advise getting in touch with the official management immediately to receive the membership form for the residential society. They’ll be able to give you the information you need and help you through the procedure. Also, consider contacting Al Sadat Marketing, who can help you with any questions about the membership form. 

Their committed team will be pleased to answer any questions you may have and give you the necessary information. We want to ensure everyone interested in joining the residential society has a simple and seamless experience.

New City Paradise Registration Form

You can download the New City Paradise Registration Form and the previously mentioned options. You can contact Al Sadat Marketing or the residential society’s support center. You can get the directions and help you need to download the registration form by contacting one of these organizations.

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Your questions will be answered, and you will be effortlessly guided through the procedure by their specialized teams. We work hard to ensure everyone interested in New City Paradise has a seamless registration experience by making it as simple and approachable as possible.

New City Paradise Development Charges

We suggest contacting the Customer Support Centre if you have any questions about the development costs for New City Paradise. They can give you precise and current information on the relevant fees. However, it is essential to note that the developers have included the development fees in the payment schedule.

 This means the costs will be accounted for and included in the overall payment plan. The developers hope to simplify the payment procedure and assure customer transparency by choosing this strategy. The Customer Support Centre would be pleased to help you with any queries or need more information.

New City Paradise Facilities & Amenities

  • High-alert security system
  • Lush green landscapes
  • The infrastructure of international standards
  • Luxury shopping malls
  • Theme park
  • Swimming pools
  • Racing track
  • Futuristic amenities
  • Golf course
  • Luxurious business center
  • International standard schools & colleges
  • Parks, lakes, and hills
  • Fully functional health center
  • 18-hole golf course
  • Branded shopping and eateries
  • Spa, gym facilities & fine dining
  • Secured gated community
  • Community’s grand mosque
  • Community’s gymnasium
  • Community’s graveyard
  • Luxury apartments

High-Alert Security System

The high-alert security system of New City Paradise ensures the residents’ security and tranquility. The security measures include:

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  • Round-the-clock observation.
  • CCTV cameras were placed thoughtfully throughout the neighborhood.
  • Qualified security officers who keep a watchful eye on everything.

The high-alert security system of New City Paradise focuses on establishing a secure living environment and seeks to offer people a protected environment.

Lush Green Landscapes

Beautifully maintained green spaces surround the housing complex, offering inhabitants a tranquil and refreshing atmosphere.

The Infrastructure of International Standards

The development has first-rate infrastructure that complies with international standards, guaranteeing quality and dependability.

Luxury Shopping Malls 

Within the neighborhood, there are upscale shopping centers that provide a variety of retail selections and a high-end shopping experience for locals.

Theme Park

Establishing a theme park enhances local excitement and entertainment and offers families and individuals a fun-filled recreational area.

Swimming Pools

Swimming pools are available at New City Paradise, allowing inhabitants to unwind, enjoy their free time, and keep refreshed.

Racing Track

Racing fans can indulge their passion at the housing society’s dedicated racing track, offering an exciting experience for competitors and spectators.

Golf Course 

The well-designed and expertly maintained golf course offers players a harrowing and entertaining experience, allowing golf enthusiasts to enjoy their favorite sport.

Luxurious Business Center 

The residential complex has an opulent business center as a professional and handy workspace for homeowners’ business requirements.

International Standard Schools & Colleges

Having international-standard schools and universities within the neighborhood, New City Paradise guarantees families’ children access to top-notch educational possibilities.

Parks, Lakes, and Hills

The home development is surrounded by lovely parks, tranquil lakes, and rolling hills, which creates a peaceful and natural setting for people to engage in outdoor activities and get in touch with nature.

Fully Functional Health Center

The health center at Blue World City is up-to-date and fully stocked, giving locals access to high-quality medical services and resources.

18-hole Golf Course

The expertly built 18-hole golf course provides a demanding and delightful golfing experience against a picturesque backdrop and is open to golf fans who wish to explore their passion.

Branded Shopping and Eateries

The project offers homeowners a convenient and varied shopping and dining experience right at their doorstep with various branded retail stores and eateries.

Spa, Gym Facilities & Fine Dining

By giving residents access to spa facilities, cutting-edge gyms, and upscale eating alternatives within the neighborhood, Blue World City hopes to foster a healthy and abundant lifestyle and ensure their physical well-being and relaxation.

Secured Gated Community

The housing project provides homeowners peace of mind by ensuring a safe and gated community setting and round-the-clock security measures, including qualified security officers, CCTV surveillance, and controlled access points.

Community’s Grand Mosque

A large mosque is located in Blue World City, providing the locals with a place of worship and developing a sense of community and spirituality.

Community’s Gymnasium

Residents may maintain an active and healthy lifestyle without leaving the neighborhood, thanks to the availability of a well-equipped gym.

Community’s Graveyard

Blue World City offers a designated cemetery within the neighborhood, assuring a respectable final resting place for the dead and providing comfort to locals during grieving periods.

Luxury Apartments

The development offers opulent apartments with modern architecture and fine finishes, making inhabitants tasteful and cozy living areas.

Why Invest in New City Paradise?

New City Paradise will likely provide their families a safe, comfortable environment and full access to top-notch amenities at a prime location. Many dream about building homes in modern and up-to-date housing societies but need help because of rising inflation. However, New City Paradise has brought affordable and reasonable rates with flexible payment plans. 

In addition to providing necessities like gas, water, and power, New City Paradise is a society that offers its people recreational parks, shopping malls, movie theaters, and upscale entertainment clubs.

New City Paradise is close to the CPEC route, which will significantly impact the region’s socioeconomic growth. The New Islamabad International Airport, Kamra Airbase, and Attock City are nearby, which raises the project’s worth. Additionally, it would create different commercial options for the population of that area.

With its abundant amenities, reasonable prices, and ideal location, New City Paradise is one of Pakistan’s top housing societies. This society will undoubtedly be a golden opportunity and perfect in terms of affordability and connectivity. It is the ideal location for individuals looking for a fulfilling life surrounded by beautiful scenery and contemporary comforts. In the future, it will yield the highest return on investment.

Developers providing a new residential space with legal status is an uncommon scenario. Gaining the belief and confidence of purchasers and investors is very crucial. Most importantly, the value of such homes and real estate projects usually rises over time. Therefore, this is a very beneficial investment prospect for long-term investment.

1. Most Affordable & Convenient

Compared to other societies in Islamabad and Rawalpindi, the prices offered in New City Paradise are the most affordable and convenient.

The easy installment plan of society makes it possible for people with low salaries to be able to provide lavish accommodation for their families

2. Easy Installment Plan

Like most housing societies in the twin cities, for the convenience of its investors from all social groups, New City Paradise also provides a very practical 3 and 4-year installment plan for a range of sizes and types of plots, making it the ideal and most appropriate place to invest your resources.

3. Modern Facilities

This society will have all the necessary contemporary housing amenities. Along with providing essential services like gas, clean water, and power, the society also offers its citizens access to parks, movie theaters, retail malls, and upscale clubs. Investing in New City Paradise will secure a modern, luxurious, and peaceful life.

4. Peaceful and Tranquil Environment

New City Paradise will allow you to experience a carefree life closer to nature. It will provide an eco-friendly place to raise your family in a healthy and natural environment without pollution.

5. Countless Commercial Opportunities

Another factor that makes this society unique from nearby housing societies is its several commercial opportunities for business-minded people. The diverse commercial avenues, high-rise shopping malls, and entertainment clubs will ensure good jobs and economic ventures in society.

6. Maximum Return on Investment (ROI) 

Currently, the prices offered in society are at their lowest and pre-launching phase, making it an ideal time to invest in society. These rates will undoubtedly rise after the formal launch and subsequent development and provide investors with a respectable return on their investment.

7. Sense of Belonging

With its upscale amenities and cutting-edge infrastructure, this society is a catch and well worth investing in because it will give its residents a sense of belonging. New City Paradise will improve your quality of living and win your hearts with its innovative services and strategic development.

Guidelines to Follow while Purchasing/Sale of Plots in New City Paradise

★ Check verified No Objection Certificate NOC by Rawalpindi Development Authority RDA.

★ Verify documents from RDA.

★ Visit a trustworthy and reputable real estate company.

★ Make sure the funds correspond with the payment plan when purchasing a home.

★ Examine the accessibility of water, gas, and electricity services.

★ Conduct a thorough assessment of the infrastructure.

★ Examine the area of New City Paradise and see how close you are to hospitals, educational institutions, and offices, among other things.

★ Examine the level of security provided to the society’s residents.

Documentation Requirement for New City Paradise Booking

  • 2 passport-sized photographs
  • 2 copies of your CNIC (Certificate of National Identification)
  • 2 copies of the I.D Card of the next of your kin
  • NICOP for international clientel


In summary, New City Paradise is a magnificent residential development that provides a wide range of contemporary amenities and services and promises a pleasant and rewarding existence. This housing society distinguishes itself from others in Pakistan by its dedication to innovative housing, intelligent economies, and an intelligent environment. Water resources, beautiful greenery, and eco-friendly programs add to this development’s allure. The project’s emphasis on security, convenience, and quality development guarantees a safe and comfortable living environment. 

Additionally, the community’s commitment to building a self-sufficient and lively society is demonstrated by commercial centers, educational institutions, and recreational facilities. New City Paradise offers a tempting investment opportunity in Wah thanks to its low prices, desirable location, and reputable developers. 


Q1. Where is the location of New City Paradise?

Ans. It is close to the CPEC Route, the Burhan Interchange, and the M-1 Motorway on a 330-foot GT Road. 

Q2. What are the past projects of the owner of the New City Paradise?

Ans. The past projects of New City Paradise are New City WahCantt Phase II, Nova Schools, and soon, the owners will open a mall in Lahore named Nova Mall.

Q3. Which interchange is close to New City Paradise?

Ans. Burhan Interchange is the closest to New City Paradise.

Q4. Is the New City Paradise an illegal or a legal housing society?

Ans. New City Paradise is a legal housing society approved by PHATA.

Q5. Who are the developers of New City Paradise?

Ans. New City Paradise is the project of the developers of New City Wah. The project’s chairman and CEO are Chaudhry Qamar Zaman and Chaudhry Saad Zaman, respectively.

Q6. Is it safe to invest in New City Paradise?

Ans. Investing in New City Paradise is safe because its prime factors, development status, and many other factors make your invest worth.

Q7. What is the current development status of New City Paradise?

Ans. The management of New City Paradise is working its best to develop society in the given period. The work on land leveling is at its full pace.

Q8. What are the types of blocks in New City Paradise?

Ans. New City Paradise is available in two types Residential Plots and Commercial Plots.

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