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Why Pakistan Needs Micro Apartments in 2023?

What are Micro Apartments?

Micro-apartments are smaller dwelling units designed to combine necessity with function. These apartments provide all necessary amenities in the shortest amount of space. They are self-contained, one-bedroom apartment units that are often intended for single occupancy at modest costs. They are also known as compact dwellings. The emergence of nuclear families and the era of solitary living has created a need for micro-housing units in urban locations.

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Micro houses in Pakistan are a solution to rising rent and upkeep expenses in urban areas for younger people seeking simple, small, and economical living.

Al Sadat Marketing discussing the advantages and needs of micro apartments today in this blog.

Why Pakistan Should Aim for Micro Apartments in 2023?

The increased demand for urban dwelling units has presented many governments with a new issue. According to World Bank (WB) figures, population growth in Pakistan was 1.978%, indicating that demand for housing units will increase on an annual basis.

Similarly, Pakistan had a housing shortage of 10 million units in 2011, and the numbers would have increased practically a decade later.

Al Sadat Marketing through this blog, makes micro apartments a case of addressing the enhancing housing demand and need for them in Pakistan, amidst the growing population and rising demand for housing units.

Managing The Housing Supply and Demand

The primary objective for presenting the instance of micro-apartments is to close the current imbalance between housing supply and demand. The data was gathered using the population censuses of 1998 and 2017.

According to the Punjab Spatial Strategy 2047, the housing demand in Punjab’s rural areas alone was 10.7 million units, while the demand in urban areas was 6.4 million units.

Housing demand in only Punjab province would exceed 37 million by 2047, indicating that the shortfall must be addressed in a unique and comprehensive manner.

Increasing Population Density

Population density of a city or any location can be calculated by the number of people living in a square kilometres. Micro apartments can be an effective strategy for increasing a city’s population density.

According to World Bank data, Pakistan’s population density in 2020 was 286.5 people per square km. Whereas Islamabad’s population density was 2,089 people per square km.

Furthermore, Islamabad has a total size of 906.5 square kilometers, and when the ratio of population density to land area is considered. However the population density in the city is low.

A Case for Vertical Buildings

Micro-Apartments can make a compelling case for vertical construction. Over time, Pakistani town development has noticed a horizontal phenomena that has resulted in lower population density.

According to Ministry of Planning Development and Reform Pakistan has just 6000 inhabitants per square kilometre, whereas Dubai has 200,000 people in the same space.

According to the Planning Commission’s ‘Pakistan 2025 construction of vertical housing societies is one of the key goals till 2025.

As a result, it is a well-known fact that micro-apartments can become an instrument of vertical development in cities, catering to the demands of many.

A Substitute for Housing Societies

Micro-apartments can make a good case for themselves as a viable alternative to housing societies in Pakistan. In comparison to the people who live in housing societies, the supply of services in housing societies is simple.

According to research on commute time between a workplace and a house, providing security in vertical structures is easier than in other housing plans. Similarly, occupants of micro-apartments can receive comparable services without bias.

Imarat Residences Best and Exemplary Micro Apartments

Imarat Residences is an IMARAT Group property that specialises in micro-apartments in Islamabad. The project concentrates around smart living, with the goal of redefining the living standards of Islamabad residents while boosting the city’s vertical development trend.

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The project will be built on the Islamabad Expressway, one of the city’s most prominent thoroughfares. Individuals and small families looking to start a new life in the city will find the micro-apartments to be ideal.

The Importance of Micro Apartments in 2023

The residential market is sluggish due to high house prices and purchasers’ preference for low-cost dwellings. Micro Apartments in 2023 is one of the ultimate answer to residential problems and their associated costs. Despite being a new trend and idea, micro-apartments are quickly becoming the talk of the town and a popular choice, particularly among young people.

The backdrop of this specialised market category is made up of monetary, cultural, and environmental variables. Buyers seeking a good suitable place to live in a decent region frequently have to pay a higher price. This reasoning is founded on the habit of preferring larger spaces. People searched for larger residences, which resulted in somewhat high living costs in a decent location. The perspective has shifted. People are looking for a nice location close to the city, yet their choice has shifted to larger spaces. Instead, people seek compact spaces with all the conveniences because small compact quarters are less expensive to buy and maintain.

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Because the new generation of purchasers is concerned about the environment, a smaller apartment equals a smaller footprint and less influence on the environment.

Young people relocate to larger cities in search of work/study opportunities and inexpensive housing. As a result of rising urbanisation, cities are under enormous pressure to absorb more people. Prices are rising due to increased demand and limited space. Micro-housing serves a function in this situation because it is inexpensive and provides all conveniences.

The real estate market has seen significant demand from consumers, particularly working professionals who prefer to acquire smaller homes at a reasonable price and in a desirable area.

Benefits of Micro Apartments

Housing at An Affordable Price

Rising land prices have an impact on housing expenses. With such rapid price increases, it is challenging for people who need to buy and sell. As a result, real estate developers are attempting to minimize the unit size of apartments in order to maintain overall expenditures within optimal pricing constraints. Micro houses in Pakistan are an ideal alternative for both buyers and sellers. It not only reduces purchasing power, but it also reduces living and maintenance costs.

Easier to Upkeep

Micro-homes are quite inexpensive and provide all of the necessary lifestyle facilities for tenants. Smart homes accommodate everything while eliminating wasted space. Smaller homes are also easier to maintain and have lower utility expenditures than bigger residential units. Compact homes are also deliberately designed and built to fit the most recent décor trends and urban living styles.

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While urban customers demand excellent small units with no sacrifice on utilities, micro-homes offer an alternative. Because they are well-equipped with modern conveniences that allow you to live a pleasant lifestyle on a budget.

Effective Design

Micro-housing is gaining popularity as purchasers look for furnished properties that fit their smart and changing lifestyles. Young people appreciate an interior that is smart and innovative, compact, and devoid of unnecessary space. Micro flats include precisely designed interiors that provide intelligent space solutions. Limited space allows for space-saving alternatives that cater to young people’s minimalistic inclinations.

Long-Term Accommodation (Micro Houses)

As sustainable living becomes more fashionable, so does the demand for simple and small living. Small apartments promote green living and less consumption. It also uses less energy, making it more environmentally friendly.

High Resale Opportunities

Compact or micro-apartments will have stronger resale power in the future due to rising buyer habits and desires in this domain.

Micro houses in Pakistan give purchasers with the house they want, complete with all the pleasures and amenities, at a low cost that compensates for the lack of size.

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Young people’s tastes influence housing and lifestyle trends. Young individuals looking for a simple and tech-oriented place to live without paying exorbitant prices are always on the lookout for such a solution. Given the current situation, it is not an exaggeration to claim that smart living is the future of life.

Top 5 Reasons Why Pakistan Need Micro Apartments?

Population and Urbanization Growth

The country’s fast rising population, which produces a quick increase in urban housing in Pakistan, is one of the key reasons for the need for micro apartments. Pakistan’s population is expected to exceed 300 million by 2050, according to the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics. This population expansion, along with urbanisation, has resulted in a housing scarcity in many of the country’s largest cities. Micro-apartments, which are smaller and thus less expensive than standard apartments, are considered as a solution to this problem. LaMaison developers have noticed it and decided to build homes in their housing society called La Maison Downtown Islamabad.

Demographic Changes

Another factor for Pakistan’s requirement for micro-apartments is the country’s changing population. In search of better work possibilities, an increasing number of young professionals are moving to cities. Many of them are looking for affordable and convenient housing options.

Micro-apartments are seen to be a suitable alternative for this group because they are often located in more central locations of the city and are simple to maintain.

Furthermore, the trend of downsizing is growing among the elderly, who do not want to maintain larger homes and prefer to live in a more convenient and maintenance-free setting.

Environmental Advantages

Micro-apartments also have environmental advantages. They take up less room, which can contribute to reduced urban sprawl and more sustainable living.

Furthermore, they are frequently designed with energy-efficient features. Such as high-efficiency lighting and appliances, which can help homeowners save money on their energy bills. Moreover it minimises the likelihood of tree cutting.

Challenges and Limitations

Despite the obvious advantages, there are some reservations regarding micro-apartments. Some detractors believe that they are too small to be livable and lack adequate privacy. These difficulties, however, can be solved with careful planning and design.

Substitute for Housing Societies

Micro-apartments can make a good case for themselves as a viable alternative to housing societies in Pakistan. In comparison to the people who live in housing societies, the supply of services in housing societies is simple.

Bottom Line about Micro Apartments in 2023

Because of the investment possibilities, micro flats and smart apartments are gaining popularity among realtors and others. Given the rising demand and popularity, they are an excellent investment.

Apartments, which were long considered a down market, are now the most popular real estate category, with more and more investors flocking to this sector. Buyers can acquire residences at inexpensive prices as investors continue to build small homes. This will result in increased cash flow in the residential real estate sector.

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